Inside Story – 4th Quarter 2016

By Jerry M. Lawson, Publisher/ Editor-in-Chief
Jerry Lawson
America Wins!

As the presidential election was drawing to a close, I hoped that I would never have to see H. R. Clinton again. This had been the ugliest political campaign in memory. Now the real work begins.

All the promises made with no intention of keeping them, the lies, false accusations and media attempts to sway voters are moot.

It is now time to roll up our sleeves and go to work making America Great Again.

It is my hope that President Trump will use his great skills as a negotiator and convince our allies and enemies that the United States is a formidable enemy and a life saving friend.

Not so long ago (1959) I joined the Army and proudly wore the uniform of an American Soldier. We were honored and respected world wide. I served my last 6 months stationed in Germany. It was a time of posturing and empty threats. I saw the Berlin wall when it was new. I was offered a double promotion to reenlist. And, my wife and son would be flown to join me living off post.

It was tempting but I wanted to do something else. Returning home to Tyler, Texas I convinced our local newspaper to hire me as an apprentice. Fifty four years later I am still trying to learn my craft.

The Obama years were hard for our trade papers. The people with the real money were determined to keep it. America’s global industries were fearful of expanding their state side operations. Plant expansions were cancelled, advertising and marketing programs were cut dramatically. Many of our peer group simply folded thir tents and went away. We stayed and struggled to remain the contractors newspaper.

Your HVAC Insider News lost money for four years. The good news was that Cindy and I didn’t spend our income during the Bush years. We saved every cent and never once bounced a check. We made payroll weekly and on occasion sold our retirement gold coins and transferred money from our personal savings account to the corporate general fund.

As we continue to work at bringing you the news and events important to you I trust that our industry leaders recognize the great value we bring to their marketing efforts.

During the political mud slinging we have suffered one thing stands out from the fray. The American workers put their trust in Donald Trump. All the media tricks and false “News” reports failed. We have voted to put a very, very successful business person in charge of the world’s biggest business, the USA government.

Term limits for the political parasites is a start. We must also stop sending our wealth to every despot with their hands out.  America has a full time job restoring our standing as the number one customer on earth.

When Obama took office he made a strong point of the three trillion dollar national debt. Now that his misleading the nation has resulted in a $30 Trillion dollar debt, it’s going to take a lot of work to dig us out of this hole.

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