Mainstream Engineering Awarded Contract from the Defense Logistics Agency to Expand their Production Capability

Mainstream Engineering Corporation, a 31-year-old Brevard County research and manufacturing company, has been awarded a contract from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to develop a manufacturing line to produce Mainstream’s patent-pending HHYCOR™  military food heating and hydrating devices.  Under prior efforts, HHYCOR was demonstrated to be a flameless, low-cost means for deployed military personnel to quickly and easily heat and purify water and use this water to heat and hydrate their rations, all in a single simple operation.  This new production line will allow low-cost mass production of these compact portable food heating and hydrating devices for military and civilian use.


About Mainstream Engineering Corporation

Mainstream Engineering Corporation is a solutions-oriented research, development and manufacturing small business with a history of leading-edge R&D that has resulted in advanced, American-made, cost-competitive products. Founded in 1986, Mainstream’s mission is to transition thermal control, energy storage and energy conversion technology into high-quality, cost-effective, environmentally safe green, commercial products. Products include lightweight diesel engines, thermal control units, biomass conversion technologies, refrigerators/freezers for shipping containers and the QwikProductTM line of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R) products. Areas of research include thermal control, energy conversion, power electronics, turbomachinery, chemical technology and materials science.

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