Panasonic Introduces RE Pro Series to the Heat Pump Collection

The Panasonic Heating & Air Conditioning Group expands its energy-efficient product line to include the new RE Pro series heat pump/air conditioner. The new RE Pro is the perfect solution for builders and contractors looking for a system that offers many years of energy-efficient heating and cooling in a compact package.

“Our new Pro series, gives our customers the Panasonic HVAC quality and performance they love in a compact and cost effective package”, said Malcolm Persaud, Panasonic Heating & Air Conditioning Group Senior Manager. “Best of all, no duct work is needed, making it the perfect solution for new construction, retrofits, additions and remodeling projects.”

Panasonic’s Pro series has been designed to optimize a 16 SEER series with reliable quality and value. Available in four ductless models; in 9K, 12K, 18k and 24k Btu/H, the RE Pro is designed to offer years of energy-efficient heating and cooling. The 9,000 – 18,000 Btu/h ductless units feature the Inverter Compressor technology that allows for quick heating or cooling, while reducing power consumption. Once the desired temperature is reached, the inverter continues to operate with minimum power to avoid unnecessary electricity consumption.

The RE Pro Series is the system that allows contractors and builders to efficiently and cost effectively heat or cool an entire home with healthy indoor air.

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