The 3P’s of Selling: Preparation, Persistence, Professionalism

By Larry Sprinkle


Selling can be overwhelming. So many prospects and customers, so much competition, so little time – and there’s only one of you.

Salespeople have to stop doing specific things and instead concentrate on things that are really important to both their selling and personal success. The rule is: To do more, you have to do less, and to start something new, you have to stop something old.

The ability to select what’s really important and stay focused on it makes the difference between great success and mediocrity.

Embrace the 3 Ps

Preparation. Customers can figure out immediately whether you are prepared or just winging it. The more you know about our products and industry, and the more you have prepared for the sales call, the more confident you will be. Your prospect will sense it.

Persistence. Ten percent of the sales people make 90 percent of the sales. It’s also estimated that only ten percent of salespeople make five or more unsuccessful calls to the same prospect. Handle rejection. Don’t give up, and keep in mind that someday, sooner or later, your prospect will have a need. Be there and fill it!

Professionalism. Be a sales professional. That includes proper dress, speech, mannerisms, integrity, and above all, the way you present yourself and your company. Professionals are honest and always keep their customers best interest in mind.

Remember, if we do not take care of our customers someone else will.

Good selling!

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