The Inside Story – 1st Quarter 2016

By Jerry M. Lawson, Publisher/ Editor-in-Chief
Jerry Lawson

We have had complaints from readers and advertisers about “late delivery” of your HVAC Insider. We are seeking a solution to this problem, but the delays are because of problems with the US Postal system. I don’t know of any alternative to mailing your paper.

When  I started these trade papers back in 1969 it cost me 3.9 cents to mail a paper. Now I am paying more than a half million dollars a year to send your Insider to you. You would think that we would get better service for this. In 1970 it took three days or so to have our papers delivered. Don’t know if Fed Ex could meet that speed. I’m not sure that I could stay in business with the cost involved. Maybe if we doubled our ad rates and charged each of you at least a quarter for every paper delivered. Have you noticed that you get your monthly or quarterly papers at no cost to you?

You hear a lot about on-line publishing – that must not be the answer. Every time we upload an edition to our FTP site and send it to our printer, we upload the same paper to our web site. Yes, every HVAC Insider is available immediately at HVAC Insider. com. Every page, yes every story, every ad is there for you to read at your leisure.

I hope that when Trump is elected President for the next 8 years, he will put pressure on the post office to be faster and better.

And then…

Welcome Back Home

While attending the AHR last month we were invited to a dinner meeting with General Electric. Our friends at GE announced that they were bringing production of GE Zoneline PTACs back to America. They will be manufactured in Louisville, KY. Hurray! When the move is complete your HVAC Insider will travel there and publish a large feature story about the people and facilities involved.

I have worked with several different product divisions of GE since the very first trade newspaper we published some 47 years ago. They helped me start these papers with their advertising and support. At the trade show I visited with GE reps who remembered me calling on GE back in the day. I haven’t forgotten them either.

No Apology…

I have received several phone calls and e-mails from readers congratulating me on our reporting of world events. I simply reported what I had seen on TV and on the internet. One complaint was made by a contractor in South Florida. According to him I am a racist and Hitler would be proud of me. I am, according to him against Jews. I’m glad that my beloved grandmother wasn’t here to hear such drivel. Being Jewish isn’t racial, it is religious. We come in all colors and speak many languages. He was referring to an editorial which I had written about the invasion of Western Europe by so-called refugees from Syria. The pictures which I saw were of military aged healthy young men traveling by the tens of thousands accompanied by a few civilian refugees. These thousands of invaders have been raping European women on orders from their leaders. They have committed many crimes and left the biggest trash trail in history. They wouldn’t be welcomed in Rocky Plains, Georgia. How about in your town?

See you next year in Vegas.

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