The Inside Story – 2nd Quarter 2016

By Jerry M. Lawson, Publisher/ Editor-in-Chief
Jerry Lawson

The disgraceful actions of our past leaders in their refusal to support the overwhelming choice of American Republicans tells me just who and what they really are.

I have been a Bush supporter since the first one took office. Our company prospered during eight years of number 2. Now I would not vote for either man for any position. They are now classified as JAPs (Just Another Politician).

I never liked Romney but voted for him just because he was a Republican. He now couldn’t be dog catcher in my town.

Who will Donald choose to be his running mate? There are hundreds of Americans more qualified to help run this country than the lame brain professional political leeches we have suffered.

It’s time to clear house and I believe that’s exactly why the professional bought and paid for politicians are so afraid of Trump.

Ronald Reagan had many of the same qualities and experiences as does Trump. Neither man needed the money or security of the job. In my opinion Mr. Reagan was the greatest leader during my short life time (74). His focus was to serve America.

As I listen more and more to Donald Trump I hear him say what I believe in. We can make America great again. Our business leaders have been tricked by negotiators from other countries, other cultures. How else can you explain a $19.3 trillion deficit… was it stupidity, inexperience or crookedness?

There’s been talk on social media that Obama could be planning a third term. I don’t know just how this charlatan could convince our military and law enforcement to support such a constitutional breaking event. I would not support him so maybe this put me on an enemy list. No, I am not an enemy. I served three years in the Army and I have worked as a newspaper man for 54 years. I pay my taxes and maintain a debt free corporation and personal life. If I thought that my country really needed me I would volunteer to serve. I might be the oldest private soldier since the Civil War.

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