The Inside Story – 3rd Quarter 2015

By Jerry M. Lawson, Publisher/ Editor-in-Chief

Jerry Lawson

I suspected that America’s smart money was being quietly invested around the globe. Big money was acquiring smaller companies that could be merged with their existing successful operations. I did not see a lot of capital investment in new facilities, at least not here at home.

This has been six years of hard times for the advertising/ marketing companies that serve heavy industry. A number of publications such as ours have quietly gone away. One offered to sell me his mailing list. I already had a better list.

Your Insider papers have survived because we were careful during the glory days. Some folks didn’t like President Bush. He got blamed for all of America’s problems. It seems silly now that Barry Soetoro could campaign about a three trillion $ federal debt and six years later brush off his deficit of more than $18,349,557,501,600 (is that what 18 trillion looks like?).

I hope that America can come to it’s senses and elect a businessman as our next president. Our experiment with a community organizer has failed miserably.

The biggest investors in the American HVAC industry have been Japan and Korea. Daikin bought Goodman and is investing heavily in their Houston facility. Samsung bought Quietside and quadrupled their Ft. Worth facility.

These international companies have confidence in the United States, why don’t we?

Our once proud national government, the same one that impeached Nixon for covering for his men, has lost it’s fortitude. Lies are the new way of conducting America’s business at just about every level of government.

The younger Bush is making a run for the top job. His father and big brother did pretty well as President. Maybe Jeb can measure up. He did a pretty good job as Florida’s Governor.

I personally favor the ultimate entrepreneur, Donald Trump. He has earned billions of honest dollars. He made good decisions and not so good, but he wasn’t afraid to step up and stay ahead of the game. Trump is confidence.

I don’t know who will be his running mate. Rick Perry would be my first choice. There are several others who would do much better than the ones who are mucking up the government presently.

Our industry should be rocking with the heat of this summer. Contractors are working overtime and distributors are working to make sure that their customers have the product when they need it.

I hope that we have the confidence to strengthen our local businesses during this rush.

Thank you, Jerry Lawson

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