The Inside Story – 4th Quarter 2015

By Jerry M. Lawson, Publisher/ Editor-in-Chief
Jerry Lawson

I have seen multiple videos of refugees from the middle East flowing into Europe. They leave in their wake filth, trash, mayhem and fear. The so-called refugees are strong, healthy, able bodied young men who are more than able to hold jobs, but will not work.

The trash they leave everywhere should be enough for their so-called host countries to declare them as invaders, not poor pitiful people running from terror. They bring terror as their trademark. Their leaders speak of taking over the nations of Germany, Sweden, France and England. They boast that these young men will inseminate the women of Europe and eventually dominate through sheer numbers of their followers.

The current administration in Washington has offered to take in thousands of the same militant murderers that are bent on destroying Europe. Of course they would really love to take over the United States.

If we can elect leaders like Donald Trump to lead us through these troubled times, we stand an excellent chance of leading the rest of our allies back to the freedoms and liberties which the invaders openly state they will destroy.

I have noticed that the radical ISIS has not targeted China or India. Perhaps the two plus billion Chinese and Indians are not as easily fooled by them.

Our United States has 4.47% of the world’s population. We were a unified Christian nation and despite the efforts of our Washington idiots should remain as such.

I believe that the majority of middle East citizens want no part of the madness that has taken root there. We have close friends from Morocco who have raised their children to be Americans and leaders. Their work ethics are superior and they would not take anything from anyone by force or trickery.

While we as a nation continue to struggle with 20 million plus illegal refugees from our own hemisphere, our President wants us to make legal millions of criminals and terrorists we do not want, need nor have a place for. They would be given legal standing, be able to vote in our elections and probably fill our prisons to over flowing.

I have no doubt that once they discover how to get free money from our various levels of government, they will complete the drain their benefactor has run up to $20 trillion dollars in debt. Why should he care.

Do you agree or disagree? We would like to know.

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