The Inside Story – 3rd Quarter 2016

By Jerry M. Lawson, Publisher/ Editor-in-Chief
Jerry Lawson

On Business

How can a “genius” be so dumb?

No, I have not “seen it all.”

Yes, I have served as a news man since 1962. I have worked with many good, smart businessmen during these past 54 years. I have seen companies come and go.

Distributorships doing $36 million a year I have seen close their doors because the MBAs running the company had no idea where the money they were juggling actually came from.

When someone is asked to increase profitability, these bean counters don’t consider improved customer service or upgraded products. They manipulate cash flow. Wrong!

It has become popular for big companies to pay their bills 60 or 90 days after receipt of invoice. This is the dumbest trick ever dreamed up by someone whose experience is sitting at a desk shuffling paper.

These same companies are demanding that their customers pay quickly. The bean counters believe that the volume will continue indefinitely. Was this their training?

In order to create customer loyalty, companies need to offer that improved customer service with expert knowledge of add-ons and upgraded products that will improve efficiency and help them increase their bottom line.  This leads to an increase in sales and a solid reputation in the industry.

On Politics

This is a “political” column which you might not want to read. You might disagree. You have every right to disagree. This is the United States and until power-mad politicians manage to cancel our Constitution, you and I have freedom of speech and the press.

Despite the efforts of our left wing activists, ACORN, Democrats, socialists, and well-meaning, politically-correct, self-righteous but easily-herded citizens, the United States shall remain the one bright shining light of freedom.

Perhaps we have grown too comfortable with the many things we take for granted. We see documentaries about starving people and the struggles most of the world endures. The unreported truth is that much of the misery is caused by the “leaders” of these countries. Despots who live in luxury while their subjects starve to death.

There are those who would have us level the field and become poor and submissive sheep. Who do we blame? We can only blame ourselves. In the modern world of PC we have elected “leaders” who are not fit to lead a troop of boy scouts. Actors and pompous blowhards who would have themselves become dictators of the USA. Beware of those who would declare martial law. Their premise for such drastic measures might be riots led by the illegal immigrants who are actually invaders. The planners of this would have local towns set up housing and provide food, medicine and jobs for these illegal aliens. I would consider these factions as cells of terrorism. A few church, school and business bombings would create hysteria allowing such martial law measures to be accepted by the cowering population.

The trouble with these plans is convincing our military to shoot their parents or siblings. I believe that said soldiers would turn their rifles on those who would have them commit such atrocities.

There is a movement now to persuade all military personnel active or veteran to get out the vote and send the Washington crowd packing.

I would suggest that all politicians would be subject to the same social security and medical programs as they have set for the rest of us. Letting a crook serve in the Washington bureaucracy should NOT qualify them to lifetime exemptions and huge “retirement” benefits. Send them home to real jobs.

I would suggest term limits for both houses of Congress and the Supreme Court.

Let’s make America Great again!

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